working on a laptop using the PedalPC

Go Off The Grid and Keep Fit While You Work

Power your laptop, recharge your phone, and more with the PedalPC, the self-powered computer desk.

Go Green

Generate 40-70 watts of clean, renewable power. Anytime, anywhere.

Keep Fit

Burn 200+ calories every hour you work.

Save Time

Skip the gym--get your workout done while you work.

What can you do with the PedalPC?

Power your office equipment:

  • laptop or energy-efficient computer
  • small monitor or TV
  • modem/router
  • inkjet printer
  • fan

and recharge your personal electronics:

  • phone
  • tablet
  • personal media player
  • portable LED lights
  • AA/AAA batteries

How it Works

  1. The generator produces electricity when you pedal.
  2. The battery smooths the output from the generator and stores any extra power you produce so you can use it later.
  3. The control box controls the system by measuring how much power you produce and your equipment consumes.
  4. Six power sockets at the rear of the desk (3 on each side) are where you plug in your loads.
  5. A small computer generates a dashboard you view in your web browser (see screenshot below).
the major parts of the PedalPC
screenshot of the PedalPC dashboard



PedalPC padded seat and back

Cushioned seat and mesh back keep you comfortable while you work.


PedalPC adjustment range

Both the desk and the seat adjust to fit your body.


PedalPC folded on floor

Folds up to make it easy to move and setup anywhere


Using the PedalPC at night

Produces electricity day or night, rain or shine.


real-time power display

Track your output and power consumption in your web browser while you work.


closeup of seat frame

Heavy-duty, rustproof annodized aluminum frame won't break.


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