Creating a Pedal-Powered Website using Cloudflare and UFW

 21 Dec 2019 -  Jim Gregory

How I set up this website to run entirely off-the-grid on pedal power using Cloudflare and the Uncomplicated Firewall.

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How the PedalPC Works

 11 Nov 2019 -  Jim Gregory

A description of the main components of my pedal-powered computer desk and how they work together.

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Why You Should Use a Pedal-Powered Computer at Work

 6 Nov 2019 -  Jim Gregory

If you have a sedentary job, using a pedal-powered computer while you work is perhaps the best means of getting daily exercise. This post explains why.

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How Many Calories Do You Burn When Using a Human-Powered Generator?

 5 Nov 2019 -  Jim Gregory

How to calculate the total calories expended when using a human-powered generator.

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How Much Electricity Can a Human Generate?

 4 Nov 2019 -  Jim Gregory

A look at the factors influencing how much electricity you can generate using a pedal-powered generator.

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My Human-Powered Office

 3 Nov 2019 -  Jim Gregory

I have powered my office with a pedal-powered generator for over 10 years. This post describes the equipment I currently use and some issues to consider if you would like to do the same.

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