The PedalPC is a human-powered computer desk that allows you to exercise and generate electricity while you work.

It is intended for engineers, software developers, and other technical people (like me!) who want to be more energy-independent and physically active when working from home.

The design is based on what I have learned powering my home office using only human power for more than 10 years.

Here's a brief video describing it (click the image to load the Youtube embed video):

What You Can Do with a PedalPC?

The desk can generate up to 70 W of electricity, depending on how hard and how fast you pedal.

That's enough to power the following equipment:

...while simultaneously recharging:

It CANNOT do the following:

These tasks consume more power than a person could comfortably supply.

How It Works

the primary parts of the PedalPC
  1. You pedal the generator, which generates electricity.
  2. The battery smooths its output, storing the excess you produce for use later when you're not pedaling.
  3. The control box monitors your power production and consumption.
  4. Four 12 V and 8 USB power sockets supply power to your equipment.
  5. A small computer generates a dashboard you view with your web browser (see screenshot below--click to see the full-size version).
PedalPC dashboard screenshot
PedalPC dashboard screenshot

Features & Benefits

The PedalPC offers the following features:


user working at desk in the dark

The generator outputs the same amount of electricity, no matter the time of day or weather conditions outside.


desk pivoted forward and user stepping over the generator prior to using it

The desktop pivots forward to make it easier to get on and off.


Both the seat and desk adjust to fit your body.


seat and mesh seat back

The desk has a large padded seat and mesh back to allow you to work for long periods.


desk folded up and sitting on floor

The desk folds into a compact size to make it easy to carry, with built-in rollers to make it easy to move.


seat adjustment clamp

Made from rugged, rustproof anodized aluminum to last a long time.

Comparison to Alternatives

The PedalPC is not for everyone.

If a high-intensity workout is more important to you than generating electricity, then you want an exercise bike, not the PedalPC.

If you want to generate significant amounts of electricity in the most efficient manner possible at the lowest cost-per-watt, then you want an array of solar panels, not the PedalPC.

But if you are moderately healthy, would like to generate modest amounts of electricity in any situation under any condtions, want a moderate workout without wasting time, and can tolerate a small amount of generator noise, then a PedalPC might be for you.

If you are interested in me building one for you, please contact me. Price start at USD$2500.