How to Program a PIC microcontroller using a Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi Plus 2


This is a super-geeky article I wrote primarily for my own benefit, so I wouldn't forget how to do it in the future. I'm sharing it for those few people who may have a similar problem and are searching for help

How Much Electricity Can You Generate Using a Pedal-Powered Generator?


How to estimate how much electricity you could generate using a pedal-powered generator based on your age, fitness level, and more. It's more complicated than you might think.

Does Using A Bike Desk Make You Think Better?


A recent article in the New York Times suggested using a bike desk can make you think better. Is that true?

Our Pedal-Powered Office, Version 2


I wrote a post a few years ago describing the pedal-powered office we use to run our small business. I've made some signficant changes to the bike desk at the heart of that office since then, so I thought it was time to update that post and show what I'm using now.

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